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Setting, Maintaining and Promoting Excellence in Teaching Standards

About Us...

The 14 member Board was appointed by the Honorable Minister for Education soon after the Fiji Teachers Registration Board Promulgation was endorsed by Cabinet in 2008.

The main role of the Board is to advise the Minister on issues as pertained to the registration of teachers and knowledge providers within the local school system. This may include issues such as qualifications, discipline and competencies to name a few.

The child being the most important priority in the registration equation, the Board needs to ensure that only the best qualified teachers in all sense of the word are allowed into the classrooms to teach.

The service provided by volunteers both local and abroad and NGO’s is greatly acknowledged as they do provide and fill in the necessary gaps in terms of new knowledge and resource in schools. Government agencies like Police and Health also provide a very necessary and much needed services in schools.

All teachers and knowledge providers that intend to enter the classroom and teach are required by law to register with the Board.

This website contains all the necessary forms and information which can be used to apply for registration. Application for registration can either be on-line or on paper made available through this website.