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The information related to our Registration Operation for the next 3 years will be as follows:

All officers who appear on the Expiry List will have their Renewal on HOLD.
Ist year and 2nd year practicing Full and Provisional Teachers  and Teacher Educators - do not fill the FTRB3 form

Head Teachers and Principals:
1. Fill  your Institution Performance Assesment Form first before entering the 2nd bullet point of  pp3 of the FTRB 3 form.
2. Batch all the forms and attach the copy of the:

Please send all the  completed Forms in batch to your Education District Office who will ENDORSE the forms and send them to the FTRB Office. For Tecaher training institution send the Forms direct to us.

1)   For all Existing Teachers Payments Commences on 18 Nov 2011- 23 Jan2011
2)   The payment Structure will be as follows:

4) For all Schools / Instituions making cheque payment for all the teachers, the cheque should be paid to the Permanent Secretary for Education. Individual receipts should be accounted and the photocopy  should be attached with the FTRB3.  The original to be retained by the teacher.
1.    No new cards will be issued
2.    Stickers will be issued by the FTRB   Office

FTRB Headquaters  Contacts

Mrs.Kesaia Kuruduadu Ph:3311175 kesaia.kuruduadua@govnet.gov.fj
Mrs.Aliti Soqonakalou Ph:3100125 aliti.soqonakalou@govnet.gov.fj

Mr. Alber tSoderberg Ph:3100119 albert.soderberg@govnet.gov.fj

 Not including NADROGA/NAVOSA

Mr. Nasoni Mua Ph:311175 nasoni.rabuka@govnet.gov.fj Including SUVA and Nadroga/ Navosa

Names of National Employment Center volunteers who will be assisting in the Re-Registration Exercise:


We look forward to the constant coordination between School Heads, Education District Officers and the FTRB Headquaters with this huge exercise to ensure smooth operation in our registration exercise. The usual support of everyone would be kindly appreciated.

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Payment details for the Renewal of Registration